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SVI : School of Science and Technology


The management of the Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute chose, among several options, to set up a Science College in view of the following considerations:

  1. A lot of investment is needed to set up and run a science college, due to which only a University or the government can afford to run this kind of institution and the private sector has been found rather shy in undertaking this venture. Even one that existed in the country closed down with the implementation of the National Education System Plan (1972). Probably because it was consider to be a ‘sick institute’ which needed a lit of injections for its survival, which, however, was not then considered worthwhile.
  2. Even a well organized and government supported body like the Tribhuvan University has found it rather difficult to set up new science colleges, science major part of its resources is drained in the payment of salaries, with the facilities and meeting recurring expenses necessary to run science college. Even the few that have been opened are not enough to meet the demand created by the ever-growing number of students passing the S.L.C. Examination every year.
  3. A greater chunk of first and high second divisioners belong to the Kathmandu Valley. Naturally, they prefer to study science in their hometown, in absence of which they have a tendency to go to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Philippines, and the U.S.A., Australia or other places rather than utilize the facilities available in Nepal. Under these circumstances, these science colleges are to enroll students not having talent for science and ultimately causing wastage of resources.
  4. Among several options, our choice has fallen on a science college because science education is the backbone of our country's technological progress. In the absence of science education, we can not conceive of producing enough number of good doctors, engineers, agriculturists, foresters or the technologists of any other fields, constituting the technological manpower on whose shoulder lies the varies responsibilities of building modern Nepal, thus narrowing the gap that exists between our society and technologically advanced societies of the world. Science education is needed also produce good science teachers required by thousands of schools lying all over the country, for it is they who have to do the spade work in this field. Briefly put, the Siddhartha Vanasthali College has come into existence to tap the students, who have a talent for science, give them a helping hand to develop their talent, create infrastructure for the production of skilled and qualitative technological manpower and thus contribute, as fey as our might allows, to the technological development of the country.

Courses Offered

The College has been running a course of Proficiency Certificate level in science under the Tribhuvan University in the following areas:

  1. Biological Science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  2. Physical Science: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

The College also conducts classes of plus 2 sciences under the Higher Secondary Education Council.


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craXer bikash is everywhere

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