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SVI School : Teaching Methods

Teaching Method

Priority has been given to the problem solving in science and mathematics. For this the use of laboratory has been encouraged.

In other to set up the initial basis from the school stage to higher education of science and technology; English language; Nepali; Mathematics; Science; Social studies; and Health; Environment and population education have been made compulsory subjects. Account and Trigonometry, Coordinate geometry and Statistics are optional subjects.

One need not over emphasize the rational of the Computer science in modern time. The school has offered an opportunity to the students to get benefit from this. Three in one shift that is one computer is made available for three students at a time for practice.

With a view of upgrading the teachers’ skill, and knowledge, post service training is given utmost priority. Merit, loyalty and competence have been the yardstick for teachers’ recruitment. Teachers’ evaluation is done on the basis of their teaching performance, discipline, dedication and loyalty to this Institute. There are give categories of teachers of the merit basis rather than on their university certification.

  • Category 1: kids to three
  • Category 2: Four to Five
  • Category 3: Sox to Seven
  • Category 4: Eight
  • Category 5: Nine and Ten.

Class Room Teaching Supervision

With a view to laying out the strong foundation of subject-wise teaching from the Primary section to Secondary section and maintaining the continuity of effectiveness of teaching learning situation under the coordinators of all faculties of different subjects teaching guidance, teachers’ training are carried out simultaneously.

Students Evaluation Program

In order to maintain the credibility of evaluation of students, a Students’ Evaluation Committee has been set up. The committee conducts the student’s evaluation in the following manner: Kids to Five

Kids to Five

S.No.Test TypePass Marks
11st Unit test4 Marks
22nd Unit test4 Marks
33rd Unit test4 Marks
44th Unit test4 Marks
55th Unit test4 Marks
6Final Exam80 Marks

Six to Ten

S.No.Test TypePass MarksRemarks
11st Unit test3 Marks 
22nd Unit test3 Marks 
3Mid Term Exam8 Marks(80 converted to 8)
43rd Unit test3 Marks 
54th Unit test3 Marks 
6Final Exam80 Marks 

For the promotion of the students to the next higher class, 40 percent of the cumulative achievement in each subject is essential. Punctuality as well as discipline of a student is also taken into consideration for promotion to and registration in the next higher class.


  • A minimum of 85% attendance is required to be eligible to sit for the final examination.
  • In case of absence up to 2 consecutive days, students must bring leave applications from their authorized guardians.
  • In case of absence for more than 2 consecutive days, guardians are required to contact the respective Assistance Headmasters.
  • In case of failure to take unit test(s) or terminal examination(s), request for re-examination will not be entertained.
  • Students found irregular may be asked to leave the institute.
  • Institute uniform is a must. Students without proper uniform will not be allowed to enter the institute.
  • Bell-Bottom trousers and flayers are strictly prohibited. Shape, size and standard must be according to the institute uniform.
  • Institute uniform must be neat, tidy and well pressed.
  • Discipline and character are the two most important aspects to lay the foundation of a student's personality; hence, students must keep discipline in and out of the institute. Students should not indulge in any activity, which would have adverse effect on them as well as damage the institute's image.
  • Students must keep their classrooms and the institute premise neat and tidy.
  • Students are obliged to be attentive in the class and cooperative with the teachers to maintain a perfect class atmosphere.
  • Students must not leave the classrooms except during breaks.
  • Students are obliged to do their class and home works regularly.
  • Students found damaging institute furniture, bus or any other property will be expelled without any pre-notification.
  • Writing on the walls is not tolerated.
  • Smoking and drug addiction, in or out side the institute premise, will be subject to expulsion.
  • Students must carry their identity cards regularly.
  • Out-siders will not be permitted to get into the institute premise without prior appointment.
  • Guardians must see that their wards attend the institute regularly. They are advised to visit the institute from time to time and inquire about their wards' performance.
  • Guardians are requested to make an effort to bring up the academic standard of their wards by taking proper care at home.
  • Letters and notices, whenever necessary, are sent through the students. They need to be confirmed by the guardians.
  • Institute is not obliged to provide bus facility to everyone who asks for it.
  • Bus-riders must carry their Bus-Passes regularly.
  • Students found using the bus facility without paying the fare will be charged for the whole year.
  • Institute fees and bus fare (if bus is used) must be cleared in advance on or before 15th of each month of Nepali calendar.
  • Defaulters will be fined accordingly.
    • From 16th of the month to 22nd ---------Rs. 5/-
    • From 23rd of the month to the last day of the month ------Rs. 10/-
    • From 1st of the next month to 15th --------Rs. 15/-
    • From 16th of the next month to the last day of month-----Rs. 20/-
    • On the expiry of the 2nd month, the defaulters' name shall be struck off from the rolls. After this if they want to rejoin the institute they may.........?????


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