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Flashback of year 2071


2nd Inter School Karate Championship, 2071

Inter School Karate Championship, 2071

6 and 7 March, 2015

It is with great joy that we would like to congratulate our karate team for collectively putting on a herculean effort to win the 2nd Inter School Karate Championship, 2071. In a two-day event, our students won a total of 13 medals including the Team Champions award for their exceptional efforts. Simply delightful! The institute whole-heartedly congratulates you all.

IGP Running Shield, 2014

21 December, 2014

Congratulations to our boys for winning the 23rd IGP Running Shield, 2014. The team successfully managed to defeat Sainik Awasiya Mahavidhyalaya 5-4 in the shootouts after the game ended 0-0 in regular time. The institute would like to pass on good wishes to the well-deserved winners for their outstanding achievement.

The institute would like reserve special thanks to all the players, coaches and the manager for their continuous support and dedication. Their passion and hard work is what makes these accomplishments all so worthwhile. The Institute is proud to have you all on board.

1st Abhiyan Inter-School Basketball Tournament, 2071

Abhiyan Inter-School Basketball Tournament, 2071

23 November, 2014

Our Girls’ Basketball Team is developing into one of the finest teams within their division, winning numerous tournaments through the year. Among them was the 1st Abhiyan Inter-School Basketball Tournament, 2071. The basketball team managed to bag 1st position outwitting their oppositions with great comfort. Congratulations!!

Sports Week, 2071

October, 2014

Over the course of history, SVI has produced some great minds that have now become leading figures in different sectors today, mostly academic. But of late, our Institute has developed some of the finest young athletes who have gone on to make a mark in the field of sports. Thus, with the aim to provide opportunities for our students to shine among the fellow participants, we have been organizing Annual Sports Week for the past few years.

This year was no different. The event took place over a week in October whereby students participated in different events namely football, karate, basketball, badminton and so on. It was wonderful to see students enjoy some time off from studies and take part in these activities. Students put on a great show for the audience, with their will and sheer determination to win leaving us at the edge of our seats. It was through this event, we managed to unearth some hidden gems.

Celebrating the World Cup

13 July, 2014

Celebrating the World Cup

On the day prior to one of the most-anticipated events of the year, the World Cup Final 2014, our students proudly wore the colors of the country they rooted for in the World Cup. Even the little ones did not fall behind to participate in this occasion. A memorable afternoon for us all!

Swimming Session (Class I to V)

Swimming Session (Class I to V)

June, 2014

Students from class I to V were taken for swimming during the month of June. It summed up to be a laid back outing for the students as they were afforded time to cool down in the pool during the scorching summer of June.

Rastrapati Running Shield, 2015

13 - 15 February, 2015

Rastrapati Running Shield, 2015

District Education Office, Kathmandu organized an inter-school athletics competition that contested students from over 50 schools. In the competition that included long jump, high jump, 100-200m sprints and 5-km marathon, our students produced a great effort collectively winning 26 medals in total; 15 gold, 5 silver and 6 bronze medals. You all have made this Institute proud. Hats off to you all.

IGP Running Shield, 2014

13 - 15 February, 2015

District Education Office, Kathmandu organized an inter-school athletics competition that contested students from over 50 schools. In the competition that included long jump, high jump, 100-200m sprints and 5-km marathon, our students produced a great effort collectively winning 26 medals in total; 15 gold, 5 silver and 6 bronze medals. You all have made this Institute proud. Hats off to you all.

Extra Curricular Activities

A Visit by The Ambassador of People’s Republic of China

27 February, 2015

The Ambassador of People’s Republic of China

His Excellency, Mr. Wu Chuntau, Ambassador of People’s Republic of China, attended a program in our Institute to handover 59 premium desktops donated to the Institute by Arniko Society on 27/02/2015. He was accompanied by the President of Arniko Society, Dr. Sarbottham Shrestha and the executive members of the society.

The institute would sincerely wish to extend its utmost gratitude for this wonderful gesture.

Winter Tour, 2017

4 – 10 January, 2015

Winter Tour, 2017

A group of 25 students along with a team of teachers from our campus were taken on a weeklong tour to Sikkim, India. The frosty winter of January couldn’t stop our students from having a great time so much so even a 7-day trip felt insufficient. Students were mesmerized with the exquisiteness places like Sikkim, Darjeeling and Ilam had to offer.

Himalayan Science Fair, 2014

Himalayan Science Fair, 2014

14 November, 2014

Students from our campus took part in the 4th Nationwide Himalayan Science Fair, 2014 last November. Their concept “The Blind’s Eye” won them the 1st prize in the event. A simple concept crafted skillfully. Innovative minds at their brilliant best. Well-done boys!

Talent Show, 2014

October, 2014

The Annual Talent Show took place at Temba Hall during the month of October. In this week-long event, a stage was set for our students from class I to X to come forward and exhibit their talents in front of their friends and colleagues. We were overjoyed to see students perform their acts with such confidence and finesse; some even brought us to our feet.

To not only perform in front of a huge crowd but also choreograph the whole act yourself is something that needs to be appreciated. The Institute would like to thank you all for giving us your best and making this event a success and also congratulate the winners.

Donation Drive for the Landslide Victims:

21 August, 2014

Donation Drive for the Landslide Victims

Students and teachers came together to raise funds and relief materials for the people of Sindhupalchowk who were devastated by the landslide that took place in August 2014. We hope this gesture of ours brought some relief to those affected.

We would also like to express our deepest condolences for all the innocent lives lost on that unfortunate night.

Teachers Training Workshop

June and August, 2014

Teachers Training Workshop

We believe it is fundamental for everyone to keep up with the changing times and educate themselves to cope with the change. Learning is a lifelong process and one should never stop reaching for newer heights, else risk stagnation.

Hence, the Institute organized a range of training workshops for our teachers during the month of June and August covering areas from Mathematics, Science to Montessori training with the aim to build new skills within our teaching faculty and develop improved ways to communicate with the students.

Farewell Program for SLC Graduates

27 June, 2014

Farewell Program for SLC Graduates

This institute continued its age-old tradition of obtaining outstanding result in SLC by achieving 98.27% pass percentage in this year’s SLC examination. We should commend the effort put in by the students and teachers alike in helping us attain the result that we can proudly put forward for the world to see.

The Institute organized an annual lunch program and award function for the teachers and students on 27/06/2014 to celebrate this remarkable achievement. Miss Susan Gurung was awarded with the prestigious Pragya Gold Medal for achieving the highest percentage among her peers.

We wish all the graduates success in their future endeavors. Hope you leave this Institute with memories to cherish for a lifetime. You will be missed.

Wall Painting, 2014

05 June, 2014

Wall Painting, 2014

On World Environment Day, member of our Nature club channeled their view regarding environment awareness through their paintings across the outer walls of the Institute. It was fantastic to see students at such young age take a serious issue such as environmental pollution and spread the message of conservation creatively. Bravo!!

Dental Camp, 2014

02 June, 2014

Dental Camp, 2014

Good health and hygiene practice is a must given today’s pollution and related illnesses. With this in mind, the Institute organized a free dental camp for our primary-level students in an attempt to spread awareness regarding dental hygiene. To make this possible, we invited some volunteers from People’s Dental Hospital to participate in this camp.

We would like to thank these wonderful volunteers for being such a good sport and dedicating their valuable time to us.

Miss SLC Princess 2014

Miss SLC Princess 2014

31 May, 2014

Miss SLC Princess 2014, an annual beauty pageant, went to one of our very own, Miss Alisha Shrestha. It was not just her beauty but also her undoubted talent that proved to the difference between her and the other participants. Her on-stage personality complemented by her witty answers made her a standout among the crowd. Beauty with brains we must say. Congratulations once again.

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