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SVI : Faculty of Commerce and Management

Teaching Method

Besides regular classroom teachings, the subject teachers may assign the students some particular projects e.g. - market survey; preparing reports on certain aspects of commercial and management trends; write articles on the topics or issues of general interest. For those purpose, under the guidance of the teachers, field trips related to their subjects are conducted periodically.

Student Teacher Relation

In a teaching institution it is necessary that there should be a good rapport between the teachers and the taught. They should be able to exchange their ideas with a view to improve the academic atmosphere. Healthy channels of communication provide good and desirable feed back to both the teachers and students. With these ideas in view the Campus encourage the students to come in close contact with the teachers to enhance academic standard. The Campus for interactions will organize periodical Assemblies among the students and teachers.

Internal Examination

In each academic year students are required to take internal examinations as and when notified by the college administration. In addition, they are required to take examinations conducted by the concerned departments for regular assessments. Guardians are request to collect the performance reports of their respective wards from the administration office. If the performance of a student in the internal examination is not satisfactory, he/she may be asked to leave the campus.


Students are required to attend the classes regularly. 85% of attendance is a must failing which they will be debarred from appearing the Board Examination.

Conduct and Discipline

Students shall confirm to a high standard of discipline and conduct in and out of the precincts of the Campus. They shall have the seriousness of purpose and shall in every way train themselves to lead a live of earnest purpose and concern. They shall be courteous and considerate towards the employees, administration staff and the teachers. To safeguard its ideals, the Campus reserves the right to take up necessary steps at any time for any reason deemed sufficient.

Students shall be responsible individually or collectively (as the case may be) for any loss or damage of property of the Campus.

Students may be asked to leave the Campus on the following grounds:

  • Unsatisfactory conduct
  • Participation in the acts detrimental to the Campus
  • No suitable response from the guardians to the communication made by the college
  • Addiction to alcohol and drugs
  • Indulgence in any immoral acts
  • Absence from the class for more than one week without notifying the concerned administration


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