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This Institute is still known by its original name ‘Vanasthali’ though its
nomenclature and the whole look have changed, If not all, the first name
Vanasthali occupies the second place even in the changed context by love
and admiration.

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Educational Programme

The school session is conducted as per the government academic calendar, the working hours being from 9:00 A.M. to 3:40 P.M. The school runs from Sunday through Friday and remains close normally on Saturdays and on the first Sunday of every month.

Academic Decentralization

In order to organize the whole academic programme and also for the smooth functioning of administrative procedures, the administrative units have been decentralized. The class-wise and co-curricular activities are supervised by the Level Incharges.

Teaching Method

With a view to upgrade the teachers’ skills and knowledge, post-service training is given utmost priority. Merit, loyalty and competence have been the yardstick for teachers’ recruitment. Teachers’ evaluation is done on the basis of their teaching skills.

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Our school enjoys a rich and thriving best students experience.

School Transport

We responsible for providing transport service for needed students.

Book List - 2078

A place where we hope inspire and create long love of reading.

Class Schedule

More information on class schedule and becoming a student.

Extra Activities

More information on extra activities held at school.

School Lab

In case you run into any questions, check out FAQ information.

" The Education of Tomorrow, Rooted in Tradition Invite You "

Our purpose is to provide a safe, happy environment for your child, where they are able to be themselves and thrive; while acquiring the educational foundation needed to achieve

Mr. Rupak Rajbanshi


Our Documents

Our official documents are available wherever you have access to the Internet. Feel free to download it now.

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We published our new session school calendar for all of you.

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Extra Curricular Programme

The students desiring to continue their studies in the Institute are required to get their names enrolled within the time announced, otherwise they will be taken to have left the Institute and the seats will be offered to new candidates. Only in case of vacancy readmission will be permitted.

Educational Tour is organized every year for the students during the winter vacation,. The expenses incurred are to be borne by the guardians of the students who join the tour. The students have been to England, Germany, France, Former Czechoslovakia, Indian Cities of Darjeeling, Jaipur, Agra, Elora, Ajanta, Simla, Mumbai, Bangalore, Mysore and many other cities. They have also visited many places of historical importance inside Nepal. Students are taken on excursion to historical, cultural and various other places of interest in and outside the valley for on the spot survey and other project related activities.

The vacancy up to class eight will be filled in by new recruitment and new admission for Nursery to Three is made open. New admission is given to students on the basis of their performances in the Admission Test in English, Mathematics and Nepali. Name of the selected candidates are displayed in the notice board against the number of available seats in different classes. Students selected for admission are required to deposit their fee within 7 days from the date of publication of the result.

The Top ThreeStudents in the Final Evaluation are awarded Merit Scholarship for one Academic Year. The topper of each class gets a full scholarship and the 2nd & 3rd position holders are required to pay the annual charges only. Scholarship is also awarded to those students whose work in any field of extra curricular activities is nationally and internationally recognized.

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